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Strategic Audience Map –

Instant Consumer Insights

A large portion of the value that you as a media expert deliver to your clients is for sure in large part “silent knowledge” – things that are obvious to you, based on your experiences and “know how”. Probably you have also found it hard to get paid for that knowledge. We help you by giving you hard data and detailed descriptions to support you in your dialogue with the clients. 

With SAM you will save time and close more deals by showing through independent data why what you say is valid and correct. 

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  • Analysis by zip code file – upload a customer zip code file
  • Online analysis script – place a simple script on website
  • Complete Mosaic descriptions – understand the market segments
  • Unlimited stored SAM’s – keep your analysis in one place
  • Share SAM by link – easy to share the interactive SAM with your clients

We are launching our open BETA to invite you to create an unlimited FREE account to take your client analysis to the next level. All we ask is that we can ask you a few questions to tune the SAM to YOUR needs.

The SAM makes it easy to classify customers and website traffic, in a way that also makes it easy to activate your marketing to target your most relevant and efficient prospects.

Use CRM-files or our Online-scripts to create your SAM, any way you go you will build your consumer view directly from your clients customers or visitors, and deliver important new insights to your clients. Insights you can use in your programmatic campaigns directly!

SAM is every marketers new best friend!

Coming Soon:

  • Audience summary
  • Geographical Map
  • Consumer/Online Interests
  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle descriptions
  • Purchase & Marketing preferences
  • Customer accounts
  • SAM web analytics
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  • Export as Excel/CSV
  • Campaign validation
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  • FAQ
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  • Dedicated Insights Team
  • Add own logo to SAM
  • Customize SAMs; fonts, color scheme, URL, etc.
  • DSP integration

"SAM let us identify new audiences that we wouldn't have been able to find otherwise."

– Andrea Herti, Head of Marketing – Fello

Mosaic Consumer Classifications

Mosaic is a well established taxonomy of consumers, with full market reach and easy to understand descriptions of consumers.

– and now also easy to leverage into marketing decisions!

Full Market Reach

The SAM analyses your customers and visitors, by geographical signals that gives a full market reach on every market!

Easy to Understand

Through smart and easy to understand consumer classifications you are able to build your customer insights, instantly.

Geo based - GDPR safe

Through geographical signals you are able to keep the personal information safe and still get the full insights into the consumer groups.

Mosaic™ is a registered trademark that is marketed in the Nordics by InsightOne Nordic, and Online/digital in the Nordics by Nordic Data Resources.

The SAM – who are we?

The Strategic Audience Map is delivered to you through technology by Digital Brain Nordic, Nordic Data Resources online Mosaic and InsightOne Nordic Mosaic classifications.

Together we leverage a complete data system that can be used to both understand the customers and act on the new insights through programmatic channels and selected publishers.


What is The SAM

SAM is the new way of creating consumer insights – instantly create a full customer analysis that you can leverage into marketing actions immediatly. 

The SAM is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to act on. 

By combining market leading digital reach by NDR, market leading consumer insights by InsightOne and the unique tech platform by Brain we deliver the new way of creating customer analysis for media agencies and marketers.

Consumer Insights can be delivered easier and faster

One step, instant processing, that is delivered in an easy to understand way. 

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