Insights are key
to successful marketing 🚀

✅ Add information to create real customer insights that make your marketing more effective.

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Insights-driven is the new way of marketing

Understanding your target audience is the key to successful marketing

Marketing is about delivering the right message to the right person, at the right time. With SAM, it's easy!

Understand your target audience.

Use CRM data to create a detailed picture of your customers and the market in which you operate.

Generate a strategy based on insights.

With a detailed analysis in hand, we create a customized marketing strategy based on your customers.

Improved marketing, automatically.

Our online service collects your data and optimizes your marketing every day, minute and second.

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Are insights-driven with the help of SAM.
A marketers best friend

The new way of doing marketing

Strategic Audience Map makes you smarter, faster and more cost-effective, automatically.

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Four simple steps that will revolutionize your marketing

Step 1: Analysis
✅ Audience Analysis
✅ Market Analysis
✅ CRM-based
Step 2: Strategy
✅ Mosaic Lifestyles
✅Multi-channel strategy
✅ Based on INSIGHTS
Step 3: Advertising
✅ Automatic marketing
✅ Insights based
✅ One-Click setup
Step 4: Optimization
✅ Automated
✅ Data collection
✅ AI-driven

Three (of many) advantages of SAM.

Strategic Audience Map uses YOUR data to create insights that optimize and automate your marketing.

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+30% annual growth
Companies that are insights-driven see 30% greater growth than those that are not.
Avoid downtime when 3rd party cookies disappears.
The 3rd party cookie will soon be a thing of the past. If you have a good grasp of your own data, you can still get marketing right.
More marketing
for your money
Studies show that only 25% of the total budget is spent on advertising. The rest is eaten up by system costs, external consultants, etc.

Marketing don´t need to be complicated.

"Strategic Audience Map is really a piece of the puzzle that has been missing for us at Royal Design."

Martin Magnusson
Marketing Director,

Read the case study about how RoyalDesign started working with insights-driven marketing over a weekend.

Put your marketing on autopilot with Strategic Audience Map

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This is what our
customers say

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"Strategic Audience Map has made it easier for us to base our marketing on our customers and first-party data."

Lina Winqvist
Marketing Director

"SAM helps us become more data-driven and identify new market segments that we wouldn't have identified otherwise."

Andrea Hertli
Marketing Director

This is how you save money with SAM

Product / service
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Strategic Audience Map
Target Audience Analysis

Save up to €4500

€2000 - €5000

Save up to €6000

€80 - €150 /h
+ media spends
Marketing validation

Save up to €5500

€1000 - €6000
From €200 /month

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