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Strategic Audience Map

Insights Generate Growth


To become smarter, understand the customers and understand the complete customer journey, does that make a difference for businesses?

Businesses that are insights-driven have a better growth than those that are not, it is as simple as that. In order to become Insights-driven you need data, context and understanding. Insights-driven companies have a yearly growth of 30% and perform 8x better than the global average.


Understand your visitors and customers, find more and personalize your digital channels for potential customers. Follow-up your marketing through consumer classifications with full market reach. SAM Insights helps you analyze, prospect and follow-up on your marketing, so that you will understand your business better.


When you have created a clear view of who the customer is and Insights into what drives them. And when you also can describe them in terms of who they are when they aren’t your customer, this is when you want to activate yourself and go from Insights to Action. With SAM you can create activities based on your own 1st Party Data so that you can increase your growth rate and accelerate your business.


To work with data is to learn, when you get new knowledge you will start asking new questions and see new opportunities. We want to grow with your business and deliver what you need when you need it. Through SAM you can order data that is delivered into your own systems so that you can optimise your communication and loyalty programs.

"SAM let us identify new market segments that we wouldn't have identified otherwise."

– Andrea Herti, Head of Marketing – Fello

"Strategic Audience Map have made it easier for us to become more data driven and establish a data culture where we base our marketing on our customers and our 1st party data"

– Lina Winqvist, Head of Marketing – Gjensidige Försäkring

4 ways to generate Insights

Use Your 1st Party Data

Your customers are your most important assets, they show your brand position and what segments that are your strongest. This in combination with your 1st party data is a competitive advantage, if you manage it correctly.

Make Data Accessible

If you want to create a “data mindset” in your company, data shouldn’t be for a select few only. It should be a part of the daily work. Make data understandable, accessible and part of your daily work. 

Put Your Data in a Context

How will you fit the pieces of the puzzle together if they are all pieces from different puzzles? Put your customers in a market context, your traffic in comparison to your customers and prospect for new based on a unified dataset and customer view.

Use Actionable Data

Make sure that the data you use are actionable and useful in your prospecting. Your insights should generate revenues and new customers for your business!

Mosaic Lifestyles

Mosaic™ data is provided by InsightOne Nordic, 
Mosaic™ is a registered trademark that is marketed in the Nordics by InsightOne Nordic.

Mosaic™ makes it possible, in a way that your internal data cannot, to see the person behind the customer and understand their needs and driving forces.

Mosaic™ describes interests, attitudes, purchase power and consumer habits, finances, family situation, accommodation, educational levels and surfing habits amongst both your customers and on your market.

Through Strategic Audience Map you are able to apply Mosaic™ on your online visitors, easily and smoothly. With digital tools that makes the data accessible and visualizes them, you lay the foundation to become an insights-driven company.