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Today’s Marketers: Challenges & Solutions

Technological developments have led to almost everything in marketing being digitalised and measured. This entails major changes in how we work and not the least increased complexity in the work itself. As everything is being measured, this creates a lot of potential, but also challenges if this is not utilised in the right way. The measurements can give marketers insights into their customers through analysis. However, many are sceptical to the measurements and question if it’s worth investing in the analysis. Does investing in this really increase customer insights? It takes a lot of time and competences that many companies today are not able to prioritise. Instead, a lot of focus is given to retargeting and search word optimisation, with the goal of increasing conversion. But does this really help with understanding customers? There is a risk that the strategic decisions become a budget concern rather than a tactical, customer focused decision. 

One of the major challenges that marketers face today is to be present where the customer is, in the right channel, with the right content, in the right way. This is a lot to take on and to succeed in this it means that one really has to understand their customers. Therefore, it is not enough to put focus on retargeting, search word optimisation or statistics about for example how they find your website. This does not give a complete idea of who the customer really is. Who is hiding behind the click? 

What are their interest? What car do they drive? Are they yoga lovers? Do they order food online? Do they watch TV? Are they gym rats? Where do they go on vacation? Is baking their biggest passion?  

By using the combination of internal and external data marketers can gain a context and descriptions which entails insights and understanding of who is actually buying from you or surfing your website. Strategic Audience Map, or SAM, is an online service that easily builds a more complete customer understanding and gives answers to who your customers really are so that you can steer your campaigns thereafter.  

Strategic Audience Map (SAM) is an online service that easily creates a complete customer understanding and gives answers to who your customers are so that you can create better strategies, become smarter in your choice of media and operationalize your media purchases in the right direction to your most valuable market segments. 

“Those who know more about their customers and can use this in their activities have the best basis for success!” 

Strategic Audience Map is delivered by Brain in cooperation with InsightOne.