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Strategic Audience Map (SAM) has been created to make it easy to work with “Big Data” so that more companies can become data driven. Companies should understand  their marketing and what business it creates,  and be able to activate the data into insights and action.

What does that really mean?

This means that SAM is a tool that makes it possible for you to take your most important asses: Your customers, and use them to create market insights. Market insights show you what segments are most likely to become a customer of yours, how to reach target them correctly.

But I don’t know data…

You don’t have to, SAM does it for you! We use a market segmentation that describes the market in a way that is easy to understand: Mosaic™ Livsstilar. This market segmentation has been used for over 20 years to create insights that power business and growth.

Can anyone use this service?

Strategic Audience Map is for B2C companies with an online presence. You can have a small or large business, be local, national or global, our service grows with you. We have made it easy and cost efficient to get started, no long contracts or commitments. In order to get all businesses started on this insight journey – so that you can become a better provider to your customers, understand them and create your insights and spend your marketing budget smarter.

How do I get started?

That is very simple: You book a meeting with us. We will setup an account for you, explain how it works. When we have analysed your market, your customers and your online traffic we will give you a clear description of who your customer is, what the potential is in your market and how you should act to get more customers. 

We help you get smarter, create insights in your business and help you act to get more customers.