The future
of marketing

The future is insights-driven. Through the SAM-platform, we create the conditions for you to deliver fantastic results with the least possible effort.

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It all begins with an idea…

Brain Nordic was founded in the publishing industry, aiming to bring the power of insights into a business that needed it to maintain its position in the marketing ecosystem. The concept of Brain comes from the idea of a world where the integrity of the users are in focus and where the power of insights can make a difference.

We want to bring insights and insights-powered marketing into the hands of every business, small or large because data creates insights and insights generates growth. Insights give businesses a better understanding of their customers, visitors, readers and consumers – and consumers today expect tailored experiences; tailored after their needs, their preferences and at the right time.

Our vision

Let´s change the way marketing is done, so that advertisers and marketers gets as much marketing for their budget as possible. Let´s put control of data and insights in the hands of those to whom it belongs: users, publishers and advertisers.

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