The worlds fastest audience analysis

📊 SAM delivers an analysis based on Mosaic™ lifestyles with 600+ valuable insights.

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Existing customers
Get to know your existing customers. What do they get started on and how do you best reach them?
New customers
With insights about your existing customers, we find lookalikes that bring you more potential customers.
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The SAM analysis only requires postcodes. This way you don't have to worry about GDPR!

Data is good, but insights are better

Strategic Audience Map creates a complete customer analysis that is interactive and easy to understand in just 30 seconds.

An all-in-one marketing solution for B2C companies that want to sky-rocket their marketing.

Strategic Audience Map helps you get to know your customers, find new customers, create a strategy, advertise cost-effectively and understand the results. Simply put, a marketer's best friend!
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The worlds fastest audience analysis!

We want everyone to succeed with their marketing!


€498 per analysis

Audience analysis
Market analysis