BRAIN.MEDIA ID.FREE: cookie free targeting for publishers

We have just launched our latest version of BRAIN.MEDIA – the ID.FREE-extension.
This service aims to make publishers independent of 3rd party cookies for their audience and ad targeting, and we have solved it.


  • Real Time Data Delivery
  • No sharing or matching of IDs, the Data is Safe
  • Data is directly linked to the Page View & the Ad Impressions


I think that none of us has missed the fact that 3rd party cookies are out of fashion. They have been used to track behaviour on the Internet for over 20 years and both users and legislation are fed up with it. So the great contender has become the unified IDs, the shared 1st party cookies, server side cookies and other “work arounds” to keep the valuable functionality of the 3rd party cookies alive.


BRAIN.MEDIA is a service that was created by publishers for publishers. It is a one-stop-shop to add data to your visitors, readers and customers that capitalises on publishers number 1 asset: your content and the people that read it.

With BRAIN.MEDIA a publisher can have a complete data taxonomy that is based on the same data that advertisers use to analyse their customers, making the data match 1:1.

But we decided to take it one step further…

We asked ourselves, how can we use data without exposing it to other platforms, without connecting it to any IDs and ensure that the publisher that has the data gets the ad impression?

And the result is the ID.FREE extension of BRAIN.MEDIA.

Publishers that use BRAIN.MEDIA can use ID.FREE targeting with full reach in iOS-devices and devices that block 3rd party cookies, through the Pubmatic SSP.





So what does this mean?

It means increased audience reach. Not relying on the sharing of IDs, wether they are 3rd or 1st party will increase reach in the audiences. You will be able to offer more enriched ad impressions to your buyers. We see that we are able to deliver the targting data ID.FREE for 97,8% of the page views.

It means that the integrity of the users is higher, because you do not pass on data that is linked to other platforms user IDs, which you do not know where they end up.

It means that the publisher gets paid for the data. With ID.FREE the data never leaves the publishers control and the data becomes directly linked to the page view that exposes it. Meaning that if you have the data, you also get the ad impression!

It means that you get a full audience taxonomy. You will be able to provide your advertisers with the data they expect: demographic, financial, car data, family data, interests AND context. All through one single integration. We are able to deliver context data for 100% of the page views and user audiences for 67-69% of the page views.

Most importantly, you future-proof your targeting. By relying only on your own inventory and your own users you don’t have to worry about Apple also blocking unified IDs or Google implementing a full block on 3rd party cookies – you have the control, the data and the reach.


ID.FREE puts the user in focus and look at the full context of the user: who they are, where they live and what they read.

ID.FREE is Pubmatic-compatible out of the box. Making integration to your favourite SSP as fast as you can say “Real Time Bidding”.

ID.FREE analyse and classify the users in real time based on publishers 1st party data, meaning that the targeting is based on session and page views, meaning that you no longer need to export audiences or share your IDs.


If you are a publisher that is looking for a secure, integrity mindful way of adding data to your offer have a call with me and see if BRAIN.MEDIA is a good match for you.

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