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Our story - The missing piece

Brain Nordic started out as a solution to the problem Publishers have with data, they have too much unstructured data and too little relevant data for their customers: the Advertisers. The advertisers have a lot of data but the data they have can’t be translated into targeting for their ads to find new customers.

When we saw the similar challenges on both sides of marketing we knew that we had a real problem to solve for both sellers and buyers of media.

By adding data, the same data, to both sides we can create a match that makes marketing more effective. And by doing it without 3rd party cookies we make our solution future-proof.

Our goal is to make marketing more effective and ensure that Advertisers get more advertising for their marketing budgets, and that more of the budgets end up in the Publishers pockets.


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Prime locations

With Brain you will work at any of our prime location offices, located in downtown Gothenburg and Stockholm.

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Remote work

We are remote by definition. The founders are based in different countries so remote work is part of our DNA.

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Gym 24/7

A fitness studio is included at the office in Gothenburg, easy access every day 24 hours a day. We make it easy to stay healthy!

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Breakfast, every day

With us you get breakfast every morning when you arrive at the Brain HQ, the most important meal of the day 🙂

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Innovate & Learn

We stay up to date with the new & latest technologies so that we are at the forefront with our products and services.

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Your first step...

We want you to grow with us, joining the team is just your first step of your next career step.

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Think green, always

We try to make our business and also think of the planet we occupy. Help us stay sustainable and keep our planet green.

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Be social & network

We invite you to be social, Fridays we invite you to After Work with the team and other businesses at or Office.

Our core values

We are in service

To our clients & the world

We protect the integrity

Of customers & internet users

We love data

We back up our gut feeling with real data

We take responsibilty

Through honesty & ownership, of wins and losses

We are never finished

Always curious, always challenging

We make us better

Asking for help is not a weakness, it´s a strenght

We are respectful

And building long relationships, inside & out

We earn our success

Nothing comes for free, if you want it – earn it