Software Developer with Ruby [Kraków/Remote]

Software Developer with Ruby [Kraków/Remote]

We’re Hiring for Software Developer role in Kraków/Remote

Are you seeking an exciting new opportunity to take your career to the next level? Strategic Audience Map, a rapidly growing marketing platform, is seeking talented individuals to join our team.

Grzegorz Kochan, Head of Products

Hey there! At Brain Nordic, we’re all about small, tight-knit team of experts who can make a big impact. We’re big on teamwork, open communication, and coming up with new ideas. Our mission is to create the easiest marketing platform in the world, and we need awesome people like you to help us make it happen! As a Senior Software Developer at Brain Nordic, you’ll get to work on some really exciting projects with a team of experienced professionals from all over the world. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your ideas and skills, and together we’ll come up with cutting-edge solutions that really make a difference. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career in a fun, supportive environment, then you should definitely apply to join our team. I can’t wait to see what can we achieve together!

Grzegorz Kochan, Head of Products

What do We Offer

  • Great opportunities for career development
  • Nordic work culture
  • Small, agile teams with no artificial hierarchy
  • Real impact on product and processes
  • Your choice of tools
  • Support for personal growth
  • Flexibility and support from the team
  • The chance to work at an international startup
  • Opportunities to visit the land of Vikings
  • A competitive salary range of 2500 – 5000 EUR / month, depending on your experience and qualifications
  • Attractive stock options program
  • Opportunity to practice and improve your English. Polish, Swedish, and Norwegian too if you’re into it!

Your First Day at Work

On your first day, you’ll meet with our cross-functional team and get close to how we’re approaching building and scaling our online business.
You’ll see that we spend less time in meetings and more time creating for our clients from all over the world. After tapping into our Agile-based dev-friendly processes, you’ll select your first assignment!

Your First Challenge

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to design the upcoming new version of our flagship product – SAM. After your onboarding and setup, your first task will be to join forces with the team of designers, frontend developers, and backend developers to implement the new, fresh, and shiny version of the product. This will be a great opportunity for you to get familiar with our setup and systems.

As you learn more about our challenges, you’ll be able to contribute to other parts of our systems, such as data processing pipelines, machine learning algorithms, and systems architecture.

As our company and product team continue to grow and expand, we would like you to grow as well. This means expanding your technical expertise, taking on additional areas of responsibility, and playing a larger role in the organization.

Our Tech Stack

Here is a sneak peak into our tech-stack.

Ruby, Rails, AWS, Postgresql, Docker, JavaScript, Vue.js, Go, Python, ML

If you’re already a master of all of it, that’s awesome! If not, don’t worry, we strongly believe that great engineers can learn new tools and technologies and use them as needed.

Brain is an equal opportunity employer. You are welcome at Brain for who you are, regardless of where you come from, what you look like or what algorithms rock your boat. Our platform is created to make the Internet a better place, and so is our workplace. The more superstars we have represented and enriched in our business, the more we will all thrive, contribute and be forward thinking! So bring your personal experiences, your perspectives and your background to us. It is in our differences that we find the power to build the strongest team.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of data for publishers and advertisers and to create a safer space for Internet users everywhere. We do this through data and by always keeping internet users’ privacy first.

Grzegorz Kochan
Grzegorz Kochan
Head of Products

As a Product Manager, I have a keen interest in digital marketing and a strong background in digital product creation and development. In my free time, I enjoy pursuing photography, running long distances, and riding motorcycles. I also enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures and perspectives.

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