SAM helped Branäsgruppen generate over 20x ROI

About Branäsgruppen

Branäs is a ski resort that operate in tourism with focus on wintersports, downhill skiing and hotel industry. They are a seasonal enterprise with focus on the winter season. They have positioned themselves in the family segment and work both to strengthen their brand and convert customers thorugh their marketing.

Work method

Audience Analysis + Mosaic Lifestyles

As with all our customers we listen to the data and started the cooperation with an audience analysis of Branäs customers. This analysis identified a few key segments within the ski resorts geographical market. These segments were analysed and packaged into a communicative segment to target with their marketing.

Media mix

Display + Context

In order to create impact in the identified customer segment it was decided to combine Display* advertising with Contextual** Native advertising in the same media channels. That is one part branding marketing and one part conversion oriented marketing. This way Branäs established a broad brand recognition in the key customer segment through their Display advertising and added a converting part through the Contextual Native advertising where they paid per click that led to the website.

Results: 20x the media investment in return

The combination of brand building and conversion focus proved to be very successful. Based on the average order value for Branäs a sales sum of at least 20x the media investment could be deducted. This was based on direct traffic + conversions and conversion rate from the campaign and the estimated indirect*** traffic to the website.

"If you are able to attribute 20 times the media investment to a marketing campaign, that is of course great news for any commercial director. And when it is transparent and easy to understand only makes things better.”

Michael Elford
Commercial Director, Branäsgruppen