SAM - The missing piece of the puzzle for

Hear what Martin Magnusson, Marketing Director at, has to say about their implementation of Strategic Audience Map.

Strategic Audience Map is really a long awaited piece of the puzzle for us. Before customer analysis and market analysis have meant big projects, a lot of different competences and expensive consultants to execute. When I was presented to SAM I directly realized the potential – to smooth and easily get started with data – BIG DATA in a way that everyone in the organisation can understand.

We were presented to SAM on a Friday, I registered an account and on Monday we bought two CRM-analysis for our brands Royal Design and Rum 21. On Tuesday we started analyzing our web traffic based on the same data as the CRM-analysis. It was increadibly smooth user experience.

Assisted by our two brand analysises we had the perfect base for our strategic workshop at the start of the year. We could look at both brands with teh same eyes and understand the positions on the market. And now we are able to follow-up that the strategies we implement actually drives the type of customers that we know are the most valuable to us.

SAM will make us better at ordering marketing services from external consultants, better at planning our tactical efforts and it is also possible to create branding campaigns directly in the SAM-service, based on 1st Party Data. Extremely simple and powerful at the same time!