Marketing Manager Congress 2021

Marketing Manager Congress 2021

We are partners and exhibitors at the Marketing Manager Congress 2021!

Companies that actively work based on data and with transforming data into Insights become more successful.

But data and analysis can easily become complicated and difficult to access within the business, while most people know that data makes a difference.

So how do you become data-driven? And above all: How do you become Insight-driven?

You can have as much data as you like, but if you do not put it in a context, it’s just numbers. But if you put the information in relation to your customers, to the market you operate in and in relation to then and now – then you create insights!

Strategic Audience Map (or SAM) makes it easy and smooth to analyze your traffic and your digital campaigns based on Mosaic Lifestyles, the leading market segmentation in the Nordic region.

Understand the type of customer coming from Google, Facebook, Display Advertising or your email campaigns. Connect them to your traffic and your conversions Online, completely without 3rd party cookies. Get smarter and understand your customers better.

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