What is the DMA – Digital Market Act?

What is the DMA Digital Market Act?

The Digital Market Act (DMA) entails a number of different provisions that the European Commission has presented to increase competition between large tech companies.

DMA mainly applies to the platforms that have at least 10% of the EU population as users. These are so-called gatekeepers such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook.

The purpose of the Digital Market Act is therefore to create greater transparency when it comes to, among other things, data sharing and pricing of various advertisements.


But what exactly does DMA mean then?

  • Different chat applications will need to be compatible with each other (Eg Facebook Messenger, iMessage and WhatsApp)
  • Safari will be able to be removed for those who use Apple technology.
  • Google will need to suggest alternatives other than their own services.
  • Different payment options will also need to be reviewed in the various applications.  

Both Google and Apple agree that some of these DMA measures are necessary, mainly the payment options. But they also claim that it can create an unnecessary security risk when it comes to the various chat features.

The Digital Market Act is currently in the proposal stage, although it has been approved by the EU. A date for implementation is therefore currently unclear.


The proposal in its entirety can be found below

Digital market act

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