Back up your gut feeling with market-leading analytics

Track, Analyze and Visualize all your marketing data in one place.
Make data-driven marketing decisions, stay updated with real-time reports and improve your ROI without spending more money.

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How Marketing Analytics makes Your Marketing Better

Make Better Decisions
Stop guessing and start knowing. Make the right decision every time with data holding your hand.
Improve Ads Targeting
Identify the best channels and the right message that resonates with your target audience.
Optimize Your Strategy
Implement best practices and allocate your budget better by finding the best performing channels.
Increase Your ROI
Spend your money on ads that targets potential customers and cut ad spend on irrelevant audiences.
Find New Customers
Find lookalikes that are likely to make a purchase by comparing your existing customers with real-world data.
Make Better Forecasts
Use data to make better forecasts and predict the outcome of a campaign with better precision.
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Back up your gut feeling with analyzed data

Uncover trends, identify user behaviors, and seize opportunities to optimize your digital strategies on the fly. Elevate your decision-making and stay steps ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

Hit the target and minimize ad spill

Marketing is as much about who you want to reach as who you DON'T want to reach. Our target group analysis gives you the background you need to hit the right spot.

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Know your customers preferences & behaviours

Dive into your customers' preferences and behaviors like never before. Find what resonates, understand their journey, and tailor your strategies to meet their needs. With in-depth insights, you'll build stronger connections, enhance engagement, and create experiences that keep them coming back for more.

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Is SAM Marketing Analytics the tool for me?

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Unleash the power of actionable insights to shape your strategies, target audiences effectively, and allocate resources wisely. From real-time customer behavior analysis to optimizing campaigns, SAM empowers you to make informed decisions that drive growth, boost ROI, and secure a competitive edge.

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Seamlessly transform complex data into strategic advantages, enabling you to tailor campaigns with pinpoint accuracy, enhance customer engagement, and elevate ROI. SAM empowers marketers with real-time insights, fostering proactive decision-making, identifying trends, and unlocking untapped opportunities.

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Gain a holistic view of your business's performance, market trends, and customer behaviors. Make informed decisions, allocate resources strategically, and drive growth with precision. From identifying new revenue streams to optimizing operational efficiency, SAM's insights provide the clarity and foresight needed to lead confidently in a dynamic business landscape.

500+ marketing teams canΒ΄t be wrong

"I can highly recommend SAM! It is very effective to work with as it offers many services and different types of marketing."

Hanna Martinsson
Digital Marketer

"A great tool that makes digital marketing more fun and easier. It helps to find segments and target groups, and to target the campaign without using third-party cookies."

Ulrika Horn
Marketing Manager

"SAM helps us become more data-driven and identify new market segments that we wouldn't have identified otherwise."

Andrea Hertli
Marketing Director

"SAM has made it easier for us to base our marketing on our customers and first-party data."

Lina Winqvist
Marketing Director

"SAM is really a piece of the puzzle that has been missing for us at Royal Design."

Martin Magnusson
Marketing Director

"To be able to attribute 20 times the media investment to a marketing campaign, that is of course great news for any commercial director. And when it is transparent and easy to understand only makes things better.”

Michael Elford
Commercial Director

Start making better decisions today! 🧠

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