BRAIN.MEDIA – 1st party audiences

BRAIN.MEDIA 1st party audiences

The main contender for replacing 3rd party cookies is the 1st party audiences, based on 1st party IDs. This technology is very similar to the “old” way of doing things with 3rd party cookies, but with a few modifications. And we are now providing 1st party audiences to publishers through our BRAIN.MEDIA service.

Our first 1st party audience integration is with Adform on behalf of our customer Stampen Media.

What 1st party ID to use?

Well this is all up to you, what is your strategy? If you go with your own 1st party ID you will be secure in terms of data leakage, but you might have a hard time to leverage the IDs into a larger network. With public unified IDs you might expose your data. With BRAIN.MEDIA you will always be able to use the Brain 1st party ID.

What about the cross domain tracking?

How can you create reach in your audiences without 3rd party cookies? This is a challenge. We believe that it can be approached in an integrity mindful way through audience unification. Use an audience standard that gives reach in your network. The Brain standard taxonomy is a good place to start.

What does the future hold for my IDs?

This is hard to know, but we believe that it is smart to be prepared for the worst. So just in case unified IDs should get blocked for any reason, you can always operate without them. Our ID.FREE audience export does not rely on the sharing of any IDs at all. Making your tech future-proof, today.

How to setup your 1st party audiences with BRAIN.MEDIA:

Select the 1st party ID you want to use (or consult us on which one to choose)

  1. Contact us at Brain and tell us what ID you want us to match with
  2. Tell your platform provider(s) that you want a new 1st party import from Brain
  3. Connect us with your platform providers and we figure out the tech
  4. In BRAIN.MEDIA you will se a new export once the setup is complete, then you can export any audience with your new 1st party data
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