Launching: Brain.Media – The “one-stop-data-shop” for Publishers

Launching: Brain.Media The “one-stop-data-shop” for Publishers

We are proud to announce the launch of our Publisher service: Brain.Media

So what is Brain.Media?

This is a simple integration that will put a full coverage data offering in the hands of any publisher, no matter of the current status of your data maturity. Fast time-to-market, easy integration, ready to go segmentations and distribution makes Brain.Media the obvious choice for any publisher that want to add data to their offerings. This means that as soon as you deploy our script on the website(s) we will start adding data to your visitors, data that will increase CPM-levels, create the opportunity for new revenue streams and make it possible to match your visitors to the advertisers customers. All through one easy integration – you will be up and running with data in a matter of days.

If you’re into acronyms Brain.Media is a DEP (Data Enrichment Platform) + DMP (Data Management Platform) + CDP (Consumer Data Platform) with IAB Contextual Classification built in! The pre-defined segmentations that create market ready audiences and exports that plug in to your DMP, SSP or Adserver makes time-to-market a matter of how fast you can install our scripts.


Naturally we can’t talk about data and advertising without mentioning the GDPR. We are members of- and support the IAB Cookie Consent Framework, we make it possible for your visitors to opt out of data processing without having to switch off the cookie-settings and we never keep any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in clear text, so that you as a publisher are in control of your customer relations.

We will act as a Data Processor to you, but also take responsibility for the processing that is done on our side and act as a data Controller for that processing. We have a long history of working with publishers and are familiar with the challenges you face.

Future Proof

In a time where cookies and online identifiers are under heavy fire, we already have support for ID-free and cookie-less targeting options. We provide accurate iOS-audiences that make it possible to target the 40% of devices that have blocked 3rd party cookies.

Contact us

For more information send an inquiry to: [email protected]
Please make the Subject: Brain.Media

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