Pros & Cons of the GDPR

Pros & Cons of the GDPR

I think that we all know that the GDPR and the stricter data legislation is here to stay. And as I see it there are both Pros and Cons with this new stricter legislation. Lets try to define those benefits as well as those parts that make life a little bit harder for marketers, publishers, adtech/martech as well as the everyday Internet User.

Pros 🙂

Integrity! The GDPR, ePrivacy and the shift in mindset with both Internet Users and technology providers makes the Internet a safer and less intrusive place to spend your daily life.

Clear limits.
Well, maybe not yet, but eventually. We are still living in a shifting legal landscape where the line in the sand is shifting. But once the dust settles and the cases have been made, the framework set and precedents defined there will be a clearer view of how to act with personal data.

Real consequences.
Stepping out of line will have real and tough consequences for those that don’t play by the rules. The number 4% is pretty harsh in the context of the GDPR.

1st Party Data.
Good news for players like publishers that have the data directly from the hands of the users. IF you are able to properly manage this resource. Data locked to a single site or network is less likely to become BIG DATA, but in a new GDPR future even small 1st Party Data might be golden enough.

Cons 🙁

Data, the goldmine of the 21st Century has gotten its nose bloodied. What was once readily available and creating golden opportunities risk becoming scarce and less likely to be BIG.

Marketing will not work as well, more ad spend will be wasted on marketing that will not have its intended effect. It might end up as a real waste of economic resources for all businesses, large and small.

User experiences.
Great user experiences are powered by… what? Data of course! And if data can’t be transfered readily and easily between different providers those great features that make our everyday life easier might not work as well.

Personal data management.
As we get more and better control of our data we might end up needing to manage it ourselves, and do we really want that? We might have to approve 5 different cookie banners just to enter a website. And if every entity that should manage any of our data need a permission, life can get a little more complicated.

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