Stampen Media is ready for the expiration of 3rd Party Cookies

Stampen Media is ready for the expiration of 3rd Party Cookies

Bild: Anna Larsson och Henrik Carlsson

Stampen Media launches multiple future-proof solutions to manage the blocking of 3rd party cookies. Many browsers already blocks 3rd party cookies and they will soon be but a memory also for Google. Stampen Media shifts gears to make sure advertisers are minimally effected by the change through the BRAIN.MEDIA service by Brain Nordic.

This article was originally published by Stampen Media on My Newsdesk.

– We have performed several powerful actions to ensure that our customers can continue to work with us, says Håkan Hamrin, Head of Programmatic at Stampen Media. Stampen Medias geo. och audience-targeted campaigns are delivered on both 3rd and 1st Party IDs.

– We can offer advertisers to upload CRM-data with us, and then through encryption match this data to ours in regards to our visitors, and then offer several targeting options.

For smaller advertisers we are able to offer an ID.FREE lookalike service, this service identifies the advertisers unique audience on their site. Then the information is matched to the Stampen inventory without tracking the users Online nor use 3rd party cookies, says Håkan Hamrin.

Stampen Media

Stampen Media works with Brain Nordic, a “mar-tech”-company that was previously owned by Stampen. Their publisher service BRAIN.MEDIA enables the offer of ID.FREE deals where Stampen Media can pass information about their users on the page view. This way Stampen ensures two things – the deal can be targeted on data and at the same time avoid data leakage.

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