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Lesson 1: Create an audience based on insights.

This first lesson covers the basics of creating a insights-driven marketing strategy. How to define your market, establish your strategic goals, and ultimately define the activities that will lead to more sales and to achieving your growth goals.

Lesson 2: Create a strategy for the right target audience.

Lesson 2 contains information on how to design the marketing strategy and the advertising itself. We’ll go over marketing options, how to think about targeting, and how to optimize.

Lesson 3: Automate marketing and put it on autopilot.

This lesson summarizes the first two lessons and tells you how you can automate the entire process of collecting data, creating analytics, generating insights, setting strategy and plans. We also cover how you can automate marketing activities and base your optimization on insights from your 1st party data.

Martin Bergqvist

Martin Bergqvist

CEO, Brain Nordic

87% of all companies advertise on gut feeling to the wrong audience.

We have the solution that replaces gut feeling with INSIGHTS and replaces consultants with AUTOMATION.

This is SAM

✅ SAM is intended for consumer-oriented companies - B2C companies.

✅ SAM adds more insights to your customers, your visitors and your marketing.

✅ SAM is a software platform for B2C marketing - we connect your customers, insights and marketing.

✅ SAM uses Mosaic Lifestyles, the leading market segmentation in the Nordics.

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