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Questions & Answers

Here you will find answers to the most common questions.

What happens to our data, how will you use it?

Simply put: your data is your data, not ours. We only process and store the minimum required data needed to deliver our service to you. We do not pass on any data processed to anyone else. We store it only as long as needed to deliver our service to you.

What should I ask of my client if I want to make a SAM-analysis based on a file?

In order to avoid you getting stuck in the “GDPR-swamp” our file analysis is based on a file without personal information – only zip codes without any connection to a specific customer. You can copy this text when you ask for a file from your client: “Hi, I would like to have a customer file with zip codes only, from your CRM-system. Each zip code should have its own row in an Excel- or CSV-file. The reason for this is that I don’t want you to have to raise a bunch of GDPR concerns, unnecessarily. Because if I just get a zip code file there are no GDPR-concerns, neither for you nor for us.Thanks!”

You set cookies on our visitors through the SAM-script, how do you use them and will you use the cookies for targeting? 

First of all: Brain is not a DSP. The cookies we set will not be used for targeting, in order to target a user with ads you need to put some kind of targeting cookie (adserver/SSP/DSP), and the SAM-script does not cookie-match to any other platform. Our cookie is only used to distinguish a browser and keep track of our statistics, so that they are as accurate as possible when we display them to you.

How can I act on the insights you deliver?

We make sure that the insights you get is actionable by providing marketing services through our DSP Bidtheatre. You can also contact one of our publishing partners for targeting in publisher networks, or use your media agency to act on the insights provided.

Where does the data come from and how is it built?

InsightOne Nordic AB create and maintain the Mosaic audiences and descriptions using a multitude of verified data sources. They have over 20 years experience of maintaining and delivering the most relevant and market proven lifestyle audience taxonomy in the Nordics – Mosaic. This data is applied online through geographical online signals.