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Too many marketing channels and too few resources...

Not enough time?
Automate tasks that can be done automatically.
Not enough staff?
Work with smart tools that does the work for you.
Hard to overview?
Gather as much of your marketing as possible in the same place.

Many channels that are hard to handle?

When talking to a new client, we often hear that many CMOs and CMOs struggle to keep track of all the different marketing channels and need to create a custom audience strategy for each channel. Not to mention collecting and evaluating marketing data from each channel. This is a real problem for CMOs everywhere and one of our areas of focus.

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

SAMs Target Audience Analysis

Target your marketing smarter by knowing who your customers are, where they are and when they are there.

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Audience Analysis

The worlds fastest audience analysis
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SAMs Automated Marketing

Automate your marketing based on insights from your audience analysis. One-click-marketing for real.

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Automated Marketing

Put your marketing on autopilot!
Save money, time and headache.
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Do you want to be insights-driven?

There is a gap between customer data such as transactional and identity data and the data that marketers work with which is more "here and now", making it difficult to use customer data in their marketing strategies.

We have tackled this challenge by using the leading market segmentation Mosaic Lifestyles and making it available with a single click. With Mosaic Lifestyles, you can compare your customers with the entire population to identify which target groups are most relevant to you in your marketing.

This way you can get to know your customers and prospects in depth with a single click and then use the information to target your marketing just as easily.

Do you want better overview of your marketing?

As many marketing channels require specialists, it becomes increasingly difficult (and expensive) to manage them. Most marketing managers already struggle to keep track of the channels they use today.

We identified this problem early and have gathered 8 different marketing channels in one place. Simple and flexible - and data-driven. Book an introduction and see if our solution is right for you.

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