We are a scale-up,
and we want to help startups!

Companies that are insights-driven have a higher growth rate compared to those who are not. To be insights-driven means using data as a basis for decision making, to use smart services to simplify analytics, and work actively to make data available within the organisation.
Having this approach means that you become better at getting new customers and better at retaining them.

If you can establish a data-mindset early on, you are more likely to succeed

SAM for startups

Strategic Audience Map was created for all companies, small and large, to be able to become more data-driven, increase growth and become better at taking care of their customers.

SAM for Startups is for young companies that target end consumers (B2C-companies) and want to be able to quickly identify their customer type and understand what drives the customers and what potential there is in the market.

SAM for Startups is for startups that have started to get customers and want to get better prepared for launching their marketing strategies.


To qualify for our Startup program you have to be connected to an incubator program or collaborate with one of our partners: Almi or Connect Sverige.

If you are not connected to one of these players we will do an individual assessment based on sales, how long the company has been around and what phase you are in.

Submit your application in the form below to take part of our discout for start ups - meaning that you can get up to 90% discount on our online analysis services in SAM.

To put the puzzel together before all the pieces are in place…

… is of course always a challenge! So, we want to help you build the image of your customer as fast as possible. If you can identify those who are attracted to your offer in an early stage, you will be able to understand how you should act to get more customers.

Strategic Audience Map is based on data when it comes to building an image of the customer, data that can be applied on everyone i the market. Data makes the gut feeling better and gives you a great decision bases early in the growth journey.

With SAM you get access to premium marketing services at the click of a button. Save money and don’t spend your budgets on expensive marketing consultants!

What do you get?

- As a Startup partner you will get a 90% discount on our Website analysis services
- You get 50% discount on our CRM-analysis services
- When you have your first pieces of SAM data to look at we will offer a cost free session to help you understand what the data says, at no cost.
- Total Price: €550 - 1 year online analytics + 1 CRM-analysis (regular price: €2,874)

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