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All companies have a budget limitation. But if your budget is smaller the need to get it right increases. And that is of course where insights plays a big role. In a cross-competence marketing team it is also important that everyone shares the view of who the customer is. We often hear that this is a challenge.

Our way is to segment and analyse your customers in comparison to the whole population, and then target the customer segments that are most likely to buy from you and reduce the amount of ads that are exposed to unlikely customers.

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Create a complete customer analysis that describes your customers using Mosaic Lifestyles, the market-leading customer segmentation. Use it as the basis for your marketing strategy and target audiences without third-party cookies.

Functions and values

Easy to get started
Upload your data as Excel or CSV.
Invaluable insights
Mosaic lifestyles at group level with 600+ insights per household.
Sharable insights
Give the team, board and management access to the information directly in the tool.
No personally identifiable information is needed.
Easy to understand
Our system delivers an interactive analysis.
National coverage
National and regional markets.

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Target audience analysis
Market analaysis
600+ insights

Specialist or generalist?

Marketing teams are usually a mix of skills from specialists to generalists, but seldom do you cover all skill-sets. This means that you need external expertise that come at a premium price and those costs affect the budget as a whole. And risk making the marketing even more fragmented.

Our service brings all marketing channels together, easy to manage, directly implemented best practices and data that is easy to understand and easy to use. Insights you can trust because it comes from YOUR customer data. Try it "risk-free" and see if our solution is right for you.

Only 25% of your budget becomes advertising.

Source: Statista

Insights-driven companies see a yearly growth of over 30%

Source: Forrester

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