YouTube: A Marketers Dream With… Unique Challenges

YouTube: A Marketers Dream With… Unique Challenges

Few platforms have captured the attention and engagement of users like YouTube. With its massive user base and extensive reach, YouTube has become a goldmine for marketers seeking to connect with their target audiences. However, alongside this vast opportunity lies a unique set of challenges that marketers must navigate to effectively harness the platform’s potential. In this article, we discuss the opportunities and challenges that marketers faces when advertising on Youtube. Let’s get in to it!

YouTube has firmly established itself as the second most popular website, right after Google, and offers an immense reach for businesses. In fact, when targeting the 18-49 age group, you’ll reach a larger audience on YouTube than through streaming or pay-TV on mobile devices. What’s more, research shows that 70% of consumers have a positive view of brands they discover on YouTube. This means you can attain the necessary exposure to truly make an impact on your target audience. YouTube is not just an information or entertainment channel—it’s also the world’s second-largest search engine.

What type of ads do YouTube offer?
TrueView In-Stream Ads

These ads are displayed before, during, or after a video, and the viewer has the option to skip the ad after a few seconds. You only pay when the viewer watches the ad for at least 30 seconds or the full duration if it’s shorter than 30 seconds.

TrueView Discovery Ads

These ads appear alongside related videos, as suggestions on search pages, or on the YouTube homepage. They are displayed as a thumbnail image and headline, and the viewer can click to watch the ad. You pay when the viewer chooses to watch the ad by clicking on it.

Bumper Ads

These short ads are displayed before, during, or after a video and cannot be skipped. They are a maximum of 6 seconds long and are designed to deliver a quick and memorable message.

Outstream Ads

These ads are displayed on websites and apps outside of YouTube. They can be either silent or have sound, and the viewer can choose to watch the ad or scroll past it.

Masthead Ads

These ads appear at the top of the YouTube homepage, providing maximum visibility. They are typically available as exclusive buys on a daily basis.

There are also other ad formats and opportunities on YouTube, including overlay ads, skippable ad blocks, and sponsored cards. It’s important to choose the right ad format that aligns with your marketing goals and target audience to make the most of your YouTube advertising.

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It’s not all sunshine and roses…

Harnessing the power of YouTube effectively requires an understanding of the challenges that come with the platform. With over 500 hours of video uploaded every minute, it’s a daunting task to maintain complete control over all the content when users are the ones generating it.

A significant portion of the content may not be properly categorized or suitable for children. Advertisers often face difficulties in ensuring that their ads are not displayed alongside inappropriate or controversial content. There’s a risk that ads appear next to videos that promote hate speech, violence, or extremist ideologies, which can lead to reputational damage. This concern has prompted some advertisers to withdraw from the platform or demand stricter content controls.

To make the most of your YouTube advertising, it’s essential to ensure your ads appear in a context that aligns with your brand values—an environment that is both brand-safe and brand-appropriate.

This is how we handle it
We work Brand Safe

Advertising on Youtube with this Brand Safe service means that the service analyzes 700 million videos every day, and classifies them according to the IAB-taxonomy. We make sure that we remove all content that is classified as content for children, content that is extreme in regards to sex, violence and extreme political opinions. This ensures a Brand Safe environment for your marketing.

We work Brand Suitable

Secondly we ensure a Brand Suitable environment by matching your campaigns to the IAB taxonomy, ensuring that your marketing is in a relevant context.  

Our tech partner is an official Youtube Measurement Partner via Youtube YTMP-program. This ensures unique context indexation and audience data. The service analyses the video images, the audio transcripts and does so in over 49 languages.

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