10 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity

10 Tips to Boost Employee Productivity

A company’s success and productivity are directly related to the productivity of its employees. If you are willing to achieve your goals, you need to make sure that your employees achieve their targets and bring productivity to the company.

Here are some of the most important tips toward making your employees more productive at work.

1. Providing seamless employee support  

A great deal of employee productivity depends on the support provided by the employer. It is common for employees to encounter issues while working — get them resolved in the best way possible. If you are willing to increase the productivity of your employees, make sure, you implement a modern service desk within your organization.  

2. Effective onboarding of employees  

The first few weeks are always the defining ones for a new employee as well as the organization. This period builds a foundation for the journey your employee will take with your company. It is always crucial to onboard your employees effectively to increase their productivity. 

3. Delegating authorities and responsibilities  

Especially in startups and SMEs, it is common for the entrepreneur and management to want to perform a range of tasks by themselves. One way to increase employee productivity is to delegate responsibilities and authority.  

4. Being well-versed with the skills of your employees  

Always match the tasks allotted to your employees with their skills. Employees will naturally perform well if they are performing tasks that they love and are good at. Just like how letting a single employee perform a range of tasks is not advisable, making employees work outside of their comfort zone or skill set will lead to a decline in productivity. 

5. Focusing on effective communication  

The root of most evils is a lack of communication. Ensure you have enough provisions that allow the management to communicate with your employees and the employees to communicate with each other. Establish dedicated communication channels, whether they are personal, via phone calls, emails or video calls.

6. Have well-defined goals  

Unless your employees are aware of the specific goals and objectives to be achieved, they will not work in a dedicated direction and provide you with the desired results. Always make sure you communicate the goals you are willing to achieve to your employees. This will give them a push to work better and improve their quality of work.

7. Provide adequate incentives  

Providing the right incentives to employees will genuinely motivate them to work harder and improve their productivity. However, it is important to understand that incentives should not be limited to monetary rewards.

8. Avoid overworking your employees  

When your employees get overworked and exhausted, their productivity takes a hit — irrespective of the time they dedicate to work. Always encourage your employees to work only during their dedicated work hours, and avoid giving them tasks beyond their bandwidth. 

9. Train your employees well  

One of the most effective means of making your employees more productive is by providing them with extensive training. Arrange dedicated training sessions, webinars and workshops (online/offline) to help your employees develop new skills and nourish their existing ones.  

10. Giving honest feedback  

Finally, make sure you are completely transparent and honest with your employees while giving them feedback. Appreciating their achievements will motivate them to work harder, and pointing out their mistakes will help them improve their work. 


These are some of the most effective tips to follow to increase employee productivity within your organization. What measures will you adopt to leverage the productivity of your employees?


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