3 steps on how to create a data-driven culture

3 steps on how to create a data-driven culture

An abundance of data seems to be good, right? But without the right infrastructure to store and analyze it, it lacks that essential aspect that underlies effective decision-making.


To be able to create well-founded strategies based on data insights, you need to have the right tools. But that’s not all. If you do not have a data-driven culture, it does not matter what tool you have, because no one will use it. Getting your organization to use computer tools properly therefore requires a change in attitudes. It is not easy, but without a data-driven culture, there is a risk of missing out on valuable insights that generate growth in the company.

Below you will find 3 steps to get started with creating a data-driven culture in the company:


  1. Initiate a change of mindset It is important to bring a new way of thinking to your employees. Encourage the use of analysis tools in daily work.  
  2. Create conditions for smart questions It is not always easy to understand and interpret data. It is therefore important to use programs and tools that can visualize the information in a clear way.  
  3. Make data analysis an obvious part of decision making A decision made based on data insights means a much greater value, as these decisions are based on actual customer patterns. These insights can then be used at various levels, not least for the marketing department where accurate marketing is A and O.
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