3 Tips to Help Sales and Marketing Work Together Better

3 Tips to Help Sales and Marketing Work Together Better

Your sales and marketing departments must be able to collaborate if you want results.

Two of the most important teams for any business are the sales team and the marketing team. They each have their own goals and agendas, which can cause some friction when you are trying to get the most from both of these valuable teams.

Due to the conflicting nature of the sales and marketing teams, it’s important that we stop to think about how we can bring them together to improve our businesses as a whole. The following tips explain how you can use both groups to bring harmony to your business model, regardless of your field.

1. Find the customer sweet spot.

Here’s how it works: The marketing team looks into data and leads and finds out what kind of people the business should try to appeal to. On the same note, the sales team looks through their data and they can see what kind of people are actually purchasing the product you’re selling.

2. Uses sales data to overcome marketing objections.

One of the hardest parts of selling your products is overcoming customer objections. Where do you discover customer objections? In your sales data.

Your sales team is going to know and understand what kind of problems they run into when they are offering your product and services to potential customers. They no doubt have a list of common customer objections such as “What makes you different?” and “Why is your product worth our time?”

Here’s the brilliant part: Once you understand the common objections your team faces, you can start to shift some of those issues over to your marketing team so they can prepare solutions for your sales team.

3. Build a constantly improving cycle.

The marketing and sales experience is a constantly growing cycle. When your marketing team does well, the sales team does well. When both teams are doing well, your business grows.

One of the best ways you can bring these two teams together is by reminding them that they constantly complement and improve each other as more data is fed into the business

You have to remind both teams that without each other, the other would fail. They should constantly work together to improve and build a business that everyone can be proud of.


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