No more third-party cookies

No more third-party cookies

The cookie has been an important tool for many marketers, however, this method has been questionable regarding the privacy of consumers and it is perhaps no secret that third-party cookies will soon have to thank themselves. It is now time to find new more ethical methods to create better and relevant campaigns.


If third-party cookies have taught us anything, it is that we should never become too dependent on a technology that may disappear tomorrow. While this change may feel overwhelming, there are many consumer- and industry-friendly strategies that can help you achieve the same results.


Advertising in a world after the cookie therefore does not have to be difficult. Instead, it is an opportunity for marketers to explore new channels, innovate and create better relationships with their customers.

So, what should a marketer do without the comfort of third-party cookies?

Marketers do not have to look at third-party cookies to discover valuable data insights. You can actually measure campaign performance by analyzing your own data on your existing website. Instead of sticking to cookie-based success statistics, why not change the success of your advertising campaigns

Strategic Audience Map (SAM) is a service that analyzes your web traffic, your digital campaigns and your customers completely without the support of third-party cookies. SAM matches internal data with external data in the form of Mosaic ™ Lifestyles – the leading market segmentation in the Nordic region. This data leads to insights that can then be used in various customer activities.

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