SAM Update v.1.2.1

What is new in Strategic Audience Map?

We continue to develop SAM to be smarter, faster and more in tune with our customers needs. This time we have focused on making Insights more available and easier to understand. We have also made it clear what traffic we analyze for you and what traffic you have in your digital domains.

Old version of the system Strategic Audience Map
New version of the system Strategic Audience Map

Visualisation of web traffic: We have removed the line chart that has been placed on the top of the SAM as this was in part duplicate information with the bar charts in the “funnel” at the top.

Visualisation of web traffic: We have changed the statistics that we show in the funnel at the top. Before we only showed the traffic we were able to analyse, not all traffic. This has changed to show all traffic we see and we instead show how large share of the traffic we are able to analyse out of the total traffic.

Layout: We have placed the Bubble Chart at the top of the SAM as this is the overview and summary of the SAM, and the most popular widget with our customers.

Layout: We have moved the Word cloud with the keyword summary down to the widget at the bottom as this is a summary of the detailed audience description.

Layout: We have changed our list widget to better visualise the groups that are highlighted and explain what you are looking at.

Now this widget is placed below the bubble chart and highlights the top 3 groups from 3 different perspectives: Most significant, High volume and Most distinct. You can expand this widget to show the full list.

Interactions: Single Mosaic View. From now on, if you select a Mosaic Group in the bubble chart you will filter all widgets on the page on this Mosaic Group. This means that you will be able to see what characteristics the selected group have isolated from the other groups.

Interactions: You will be able to select the Mosaic Group to view in a few different ways: Clicking the group in the bubble chart, clicking the group in the list widget, selecting the group in the new selector above the map.

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