Three questions that a good customer analysis should answer

Three questions that a good customer analysis should answer

A good customer analysis helps to create a new perspective on your customers. Most companies already have a lot of information about their customers, but it is usually relationship data – data that describes the relationship with the customers and not who the customer actually is, even when he is not a customer of yours. It thus does not show the complete picture with information that can be acted on.


A good customer analysis should answer the following questions:


  1. Who is the customer and what is it that actually characterizes the customer? What do the most loyal customers have in common?  
  2. What is market penetration in the company’s most important market segments, and what potential do those who are most likely to become a new customer have?  
  3. How should the company focus on finding more customers who are similar to the best customers, and how can marketing communication become more relevant?
Group of people talking about customer analysis.

To take the next step in the growth journey, an accurate customer analysis is needed, but to do this you need to work actively with your insights. However, insights do not only come from looking at their data, they come from putting their data and analyzing customers in a larger context, a market context.


Strategic Audience Map helps you make this approach accessible, easy and flexible for all entrepreneurs who target the end consumer. Through smart software, reliable data and by creating opportunities for action, we help companies work with their insights.


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