What is a third-party cookie?

What is a third-party cookie?

Cookies are a small text file with data stored on your computer that helps identify your browser the next time you visit the same site. So it’s a way to improve your online experience. For example, they allow you to stay logged in while browsing.

What are third party cookies?

A first-party cookie collects and sends data about your surfing behavior to the owner of the website you are visiting. A third-party cookie, or third-party cookie, is sent to a third party, such as Facebook or a company, who wants to know how to browse from an ad. These are third-party cookies that make you see ads online with the sneakers you checked out last week


Are third-party cookies a problem?

A problem with third-party cookies is that there has been an automatic collection of large amounts of data, many times without the user being given a chance to choose whether they want to share the information or not. Third-party cookies from several different websites can also be used to build a user profile of your interests and your online behavior. If data in the cake is linked, for example, to an e-mail address, it is also possible to identify individuals’ surfing behavior.

Developments in recent years have contributed to a greater awareness of the importance and value of user data. Therefore, many countries have agreed that there is a need for clearer rules on what may be collected about users online, and how it may be used. This is, for example, the background to the EU Data Protection Directive, GDPR, which regulates the processing of personal data.

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