(SWE) Marketing trends 2023

In this episode, Martin Bergqvist CEO and Johan Brandeby CSO discuss, among other things, how to act around marketing when consumers have less money in their wallets. And how should one actually think about marketing "in-house" - What gives you the most "bang for the buck"?


(SWE) What happens when 3rd party cookies disappear?

We dive into what technologies are available to replace 3rd party cookies and how to work with analysis to be able to evaluate your digital marketing in the future. We tell you how the global giants think, how our large Nordic media houses approach the issue and what it concretely means to work data-driven with your own 1st party data.


(SWE) Future-proof your advertising

Future-proof your advertising - This is how you reach your target group when technology changes. Martin Bergqvist at Brain talks about ways to reach the right target group when 3rd party cookies no longer work as they did before. Martin also explains why customer analyzes are highly relevant and important in order to have an effect on advertising.